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The Blissful Parenting 


A 5-Day bootcamp to help parents get to the root cause of their child's challenging behavior, learn new solutions, and regain their sanity 

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Many parents are feeling challenged and facing an uphill battle when it comes to... dealing with their child’s behavior!

Doesn't it seem like there are SO MANY THINGS to consider when responding to behavior challenges?

  • Why is my child behaving this way?
  • Is it something they ate?
  • Is there something wrong with them? or me?
  • Why does everything I try seem to make it worse?
  • Where do I find the time to deal with this?

Oh man, have we ever been there!

Who Are We?

First and foremost, we are parents just like you. Not only have we had to deal with our own share of behavior challenges with our children, our individual journeys have inspired us to share what we have learned and help other parents transform their challenges in to a more Blissful Parenting experience!

We have come together as a group of leaders to create this one-of-a-kind virtual event.

(Click each video below to hear more about what you will learn)

Heather Steinker

Mom of 3 & Founder of Chaos N' Cookies

Heather had plans for a collegiate soccer career when she was diagnosed with a genetic spinal condition and began a series of spinal fusions and other surgeries.

By 2017 she was up to eight titanium screws and six rods in her spine and she was also the mother of two toddlers and four months postpartum with her third baby. 

It was while taking care of 3 kiddos in diapers, all under the age of 4, that her breakthrough happened and her business, Chaos and Cookies was born and now she coaches other moms through their chaos.

Melissa Deally

Mom of 2 & Integrative Health Practitioner

Melissa's true calling wasn’t revealed until one of her daughters started behaving strangely. She had become lethargic at school and complained of her stomach hurting.

The doctors shrugged it off and said she would outgrow it but Melissa dug deeper and discovered the connection between the brain and nutrition which led to a breakthrough with her daughter.

She went back to school and became an Integrative Health Coach and now helps parents figure out if food sensitivities are at the root of behavior challenges.

Ashleigh Tolliver

Mom of 2 & Founder of Parenting That Kid

When Ashleigh gave birth to twins it didn’t take long to notice that one of them was a lot more to deal with than the other. 7 years of being an overly tired, underpaid, personal assistant twins with Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, and Anxiety inspired her to find joy in between the struggles and challenges.

The challenges of parenting “that kid” led Ashleigh to gather resources to help other parents whose children were especially strong willed. She sees the strengths in those challenging kids but also helps parents to channel the high energy in productive ways.

Chuck Anderson

Dad of 4 & Founder of Blissful Parenting

Chuck Anderson’s journey started when the first of his 4 children was just 5 years old and he found himself getting increasingly frustrated and angry. Time-outs, taking toys away, and even yelling had become an everyday occurrence.

He started reading all about positive discipline and mindfulness which did help calm him down but the behavior just kept escalating.

It was when he finally discovered the difference between behavior caused by the need for attention, power, revenge, or inadequacy and the different responses required for each, that things finally turned around.

Michelle Abraham

Mom of 2 & Your Host for this event

As a mom of 2, Michelle has had to deal with her share of behavior challenges. Starting with a son who had delayed speech. Learning to talk for him was very frustrating which led to some explosive behavior. 

She gets, it and has experienced struggles with behavior.

Michelle is moderator and host of this Bootcamp, 

"What If There Was A Way To Quickly Get To The Root Cause Of Your Child’s Behavior Challenges Even It Seems Like You Have Tried Everything?"

Join the 5-Day Bootcamp to get to the root cause of your child's challenging behavior, learn new solutions, and regain your sanity!


  • Parents of children aged 0 to 18
  • Busy parents
  • Stay at home parents
  • Parents with multiple children
  • Parents who need IMMEDIATE help

What's Inside The Bootcamp?

5 POWERFUL WORKSHOPS to help you learn new solutions to parenting challenges that seem unsolvable.

Workshop 1: Chaos Control Procedure From Crisis to Calm

In this workshop you will learn how to create calm from chaos. Children thrive on predictability and routine. If chaos or crisis happens, life still happens and keeping up a constant and consistent environment is essential to keep stress down and panic at bay.

Workshop 2: Does The Food Your Kids Eat Cause Behavioral Issues?

In this workshop you will learn how food and common little-known nutrient deficiencies can impact your child’s behavior as well as their ability to focus on learning at school. By the end of of this session you know will how to assess your child’s food sensitivities and deficiencies.

Workshop 3: The 5 Steps To Solving Any Behavior Challenge Without Losing It

In this workshop you will learn how to stay calm while dealing with behavior challenges and a 5 step problem solving method that works with any challenge. You’ll walk away with clarity and a plan for dealing with behavior that will prevent you from losing it.

Workshop 4: A Day In The Life Of Daily Behavioral Chaos & Meltdowns

In this workshop you will learn tips and ideas for parents to get ahead of the meltdowns with neurodiverse children, and learn from the moments when meltdowns sneak in. You will walk away with easy practical activities that will help promote focus, self control, and calmness within your child.

Workshop 5: The 4 Root Causes of Bad Behavior & What To Say To Get It To Stop

In this workshop, we will dive deeper into the 4 root causes and practice the most effective responses for each. You’ll walk away with a “word-for-word” script for what to say the next time bad behavior happens.

Bonus Training: Daily Morning Mindset Sessions

Get mentally ready for each workshop with these powerful Morning Mindset Sessions that are designed to help reduce stress, let go of limiting beliefs that could be blocking you from solutions, and to increase your energy! You will experience techniques that not only accelerate your capacity for learning, but you can also teach to your kids. 

Oh wait... did you think we were done? Not even close! Here's 3 more bonuses ...


We strongly encourage you to show up live each day -- because that is how you're going to get the most out of this bootcamp. But look, we know that sometimes things come up. That's why we also give you private access to the recordings.


One of the most daunting things about parenting is knowing what to do and what to say in certain situations. These worksheets, templates, and guides will help you to create your new and improved approach to parenting.


Consider this your hub for the bootcamp. This is where you can post your homework, connect with other parents, and get feedback. This is a "secret" group on Facebook that is only visible to the other participants & instructors.

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  • DAY 1: From Crisis to Calm (Valued at $97)
  • DAY 2: Food, Nutrition, & Behavior  (Valued at $97)
  • DAY 3: Parenting Without Losing It! (Valued at $97)
  • DAY 4: Behavioral Chaos & Meltdowns (Valued at $97)
  • DAY 5: 4 Root Causes Of Behavior (Valued at $97) 
  • BONUS: Mindset Coaching  (Valued at $97)
  • BONUS: Session Recordings (Valued at $97)
  • BONUS: Behavior Lookup Chart (Valued at $47)
  • BONUS: Worksheets & Templates (Valued at $47)
  • Private Facebook Community (priceless!)

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Here's Our 10x Guarantee ...

In case you need an extra (loving) push to believe in yourself and put your faith in us …here’s our 10x guarantee.

We stand behind this bootcamp so much that if you feel like you haven’t received at least 10x the value, or $370 in helpful content, ideas, and instructions by the end of day 1, we will happily refund your money in full. All you have to do is email us by 8:59am PST on Day 2 for a full refund.

Does that sound fair?

Hi, I'm Michelle -- Your Bootcamp Host

I have the pleasure of working with some of the top experts in parenting to produce, publish, and promote their podcasts, courses, and events.

Learning from these 4 amazing coaches has helped me with my own journey through behavior challenges as I was experienced breakthrough's in my children's behavior.

And I'm so excited to share these amazing experts with you so you can transform your parenting experience, too!

Still have questions? We’ve got answers…

When is the workshop happening?

The live bootcamp sessions are happening May 24th through May 28th. We even have a few bonus sessions planned for you as well. Each day we will begin the workshop at 10am Pacific time. All the sessions are recorded in case you have to miss one, although we strongly encourage you to attend them live.


Where do I attend the workshop?

The LIVE workshops take place completely online via Zoom. All you need is to connect via your computer or device at the scheduled time. You can watch the previously recorded workshop instantly upon registering in our private members website.


Does this workshop cover all ages/stages?

This method is ideal for children between the ages of 3 to 18. Obviously we would recommend speaking to a teenager the same way you talk to a toddler, but the reasons for the behavior are the same. We will cover how to alter your approach depending on age.


How much does it cost?

The cost of this bootcamp is only $37. When you sign up, you’ll also receive over $160 in bonuses. Your decision is backed by our 100% money-back guarantee.


Do I really need this workshop?

If you feel that you have tried everything and so far nothing has worked, you haven’t tried THIS. 99% of the parenting solutions that are most commonly used, try to address the specific behavior but do not get to the ROOT of why it is really happening. Ours does.

Is there a refund policy or guarantee?

We stand behind this bootcamp so much that if you feel like you haven’t received at least 10x the value, or $370 in helpful content, ideas, and instructions by the end of day 1, we will happily refund your money in full. All you have to do is email us by 8:59am PST on Day 2 for a full refund.

Don't see your question? Contact us here for answers!

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Here's the truth: nothing changes if nothing changes.

If you're sick and tired of trying and not getting results ...

If you've ever thought "I thought this would be easier"...

If you're fed up all the free advice swirling around online and just want someone to tell you what to do and how to do it ...

Then straight up! You'll keep struggling if you're not in this bootcamp.

Because "winging it" and hoping it all works out is a surefire way to stay stuck and struggling. And you deserve better than that.

So... are you in?

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